We're storytellers

We're more than just another photography company. We tell the story of your wedding.

We're Web-Designers

You and your wedding will be showcased in a professionally designed website.

We're Enthusiasts

We love what we do. We love perfection. We love to overdeliver.

About Russell

I recieved my first camera over ten years ago. Over the years my interest in photography grew. I started taking more and more pictures.

I learned how to photoshop real well. I learned all the minute details of photography -- like the fact that are eyes are more sensitive to green light.

Eventually I ended up taking over 100,000 pictures, and decided it was time to take my love for photography to a professional level. And so far I'm loving it. I look forward to working with you; thank you for stopping by.

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It's simple. We charge a flat price of $400-$500 for everything.

What's Included

- Wedding day pics
- A custom made online gallery
- Invitation pictures
- Pictures of the reception
- Family pictures